I called the town Donut cause I’m eating donuts;; I like it I mean it’s p cute. The mayor is Jelly again. I am quite pleased. c:


Holy shit your starting villagers are flawless

Ahhh I’m very excited about them<3 I’ll probably end up adopting out Wolfgang, Francine and Snake sometime along the line, I’m not SUPER fond of them, but I’ve had Beau and Merengue in past towns and really loved them. c: I know there are people out there who would be thrilled with Wolfgang/Snake/Francine so whenever they ping to move they’ll go to nice new homes that appreciate them a little more than I can;;

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When you start out a new town, Isabelle ends up giving you a basket of fruit and mentions that her hometown is famous for that kind of fruit. It’s really cool to see how totally dedicated Isabelle is to her job and your town even though she wasn’t born and raised there.

This sort of supports the head cannon that Isabelle was supposed to be the new mayor (seeing as she came from somewhere else after all).

Isabelle-was-supposed-to-be-mayor is my favorite ACNL headcanon<3 Isabelle should’ve taken the job she’d be better at it than me tbh;;

When you start out a new town, Isabelle ends up giving you a basket of fruit and mentions that her hometown is famous for that kind of fruit. It’s really cool to see how totally dedicated Isabelle is to her job and your town even though she wasn’t born and raised there.

Protip: To make lots bells quickly in a new town, collect all the seashells on your beaches and sell them. Use some of the bells to buy a shovel, then go find the bell rock and ore rock. You should be able to make about 30k easy on your first day, so go ahead and pay off your house deposit. Do the same the next day or two until you can upgrade your house and gain access to the island for beetle farming. c:

Whoa I didn't realize but on my old ac town my mayors name was jelly and it was that same exact mayor style o.o

Oh my god you’re the Jelly Club founder

I salute you, founder<3 We’ve got good taste yo c:

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I called the town Donut cause I’m eating donuts;; I like it I mean it’s p cute. The mayor is Jelly again. I am quite pleased. c:

Ahahaha… I’m resetting my town again. The area of land below the river is just SO. FREAKING. THIN. It’s making me crazy, already two villagers have moved in down there and there’s only two blocks of space on either side of their houses. It’s so squishy and weird and no matter how nice the rest of the map is I cannot stand having tiny tight spaces like that;; I nearly just had a panic attack a while ago (about something totally unrelated and it’ll be dealt with soonish hopefully I think maybe) and got on ACNL to try and calm down, but a third villager has set down a plot in that tight thin area and I just started freaking out even more wondering how the heck I’m supposed to make that look nice so yyyeeaaaahhh… this map isn’t gonna work out. I don’t want ACNL to stress me out in any way - that’s why I’m so intent on getting a Powersave now. No stress. Just cute villagers and a cute town and a cute lil house.

I’m sooo so annoyed that I have to go about resetting for a map AGAIN but I know that if I tried to stick with this map I’d just end up angry and upset down the line trying to deal with it.

» nintendo please do this


I have thought about this a lot and have come up with a totally viable and simple feature that should be added to the next game! A way of picking where villagers live, but letting them randomly show up would still and an option and it’s totally mayor-y and cute and yesssss

I WANT THIS IN THE NEXT GAME, OKAY. OKAY. After the jump I will explain my idea because I’m excited about it;;

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What the popping heckity bubbles why is this on my dashboard

Who brought this back

The lovely awkwardintensifies tagged me in a thing! As usual, only answering, not tagging anyone else cause I’m an awkward monkey. My friend Coochie at lolilashes is answering them with me! Their answers are #2, mine are #1. c:

1) What is/are your favorite anime(s)?

  1. Pffff Ouran High School Host Club??? Spice and Wolf? idk FMA Brotherhood was great and K-ON! and idk lots

2) What do you plan on studying when you go to college (uni)?

  1. idk something about video games??

3) Favorite animal? (๑ↀᆺↀ๑)✧

  2. Hmmm. Hmmmm. HMMMMMM. what’s my favorite animal what IS my favorite animal I feel like I’ve decided on my favorite animal before but I can’t like WHAT NO THAT’S NOT MY ANSWER! FINE FINE KEEP IT

4) Place you dream of vacationing to?

  1. Uhh London probs.
  2. Uhh somewhere very far away with a very rich culture. <3

5) What is your favorite book series?

  1. His Dark Materials, The Vampire Chronicles, Harry Potter! For not-series: The Lovely Bones, Thirteen Reasons Why, Watership Down.
  2. The Noodle Way by the owner of Aiya. Or maybe Witch Detective.

6) Some children names you like?

  1. Alice, Elliot and Kalliope.
  2. Alice, Leon and Lily. And Princess Pickles.

7) What are you best friend’s names? (you can tag them if you want) \(._.\) ƪ(‘-’ ƪ)(ʃ ‘-’)ʃ (/._.)/

  1. Ted, Coochie, Dillon, Kyoko, Ariel, Dai!
  2. Riri, Ted, Joanna! (Who is Joanna) (Have I not told you about Joanna) (Bitch no)

8) If you could live anywhere where would you go?

  1. Uh probably London again lol;; That might be further out of my reach than I thought though, so maybe just Vancouver or Toronto.
  2. I would like to live in like… if there was a nice forest area that was shrouded by trees and um like hidden… but… not many bugs. If that place exists.

9) What are some things that make you really happy? (I really like this question so I’m going to steal it hehe)

  1. My friends and my cat and video games<3
  2. Me?? Myself?? #nofilter Wait no change my answer. Gay smut roleplay and running around as a baby doll. (Baby doll thing is a reference to the game of prop hunt we played earlier omfg)

10) Favorite genre of music? (;◔ิз◔ิ)~♪♬

  1. I don’t really have one;; I like lots of music.
  2. J-Pop. Also game soundtracks.

11) Ideal date location? (๑・ω-)~♥”

  1. Somewhere fun, like a theme park or arcade or carnival.
  2. SPACE. ON THE MOON. No uh like somewhere with really nice scenery that is, like, very romantic with like accordion players in the background going crazy on that accordion but you don’t care because you’re having a romantic dinner.
I like plot reseting yh btw how would u even plot reset for a certain villager bc you'd have to load up ur mayor anyways :/ so u would get som random villager you probs h8

What do you mean? Plot resetting works by creating new characters until a villager you like plops down;; You shouldn’t have to load up your mayor at all until you’re satisfied.

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jaxcrossing answered: I like the idea, I was planning that on my personal blog. But now since you’re gonna do it…

If other people have thought of it that probably means it’s not as dumb as I felt like it was yaaay! I’m so insecure sometimes hnnng.

Don’t be put off of doing a diary thing just cause I’m considering it, do whatever you want friend. c: I’ll come read your stuff!

So I’m thinking of starting a daily diary thing on my personal blog where I lament about my dumb life, talk about my favorite books and video games, maybe give advice or talk about donuts or some shit idfk just a daily thing that I write about my life and other such dumb stuff.

Would you guys be totally bored by something like that or is it an okay idea? I might eventually try vlogging but idk that might be weird and I don’t have a webcam or anything but idk for now ARE DAILY DIARY THINGS STUPID OR OKAY???


I know there are tons of these posts going around all the time, especially recently since dashcon raised all that money so quickly. But I really need your help, and I hope you give me a chance.

This is Mica. She is a 10 week old kitten that was born a polydactyl, meaning she has more than the normal four toes on each foot. There are a lot of cats born like this, and it usually doesn’t have a negative affect on their life, or much affect at all. I adopted her two weeks ago when she was a bouncing, happy kitten like her siblings. My mother bought her for me to help me with my anxiety, and to get over the death of the first cat I bought myself several years ago, who died of kidney failure two months ago.

When I first got Mica she was a little strange; her foster mother said she was shy and a bit skittish because she came from a hoarding case that ended badly. We had adopted from a rescue shelter before, and this was nothing new; we had gotten through it before and kittens tend to be very adaptable. She played, purred and took naps like any normal kitten, but she was constantly licking her paws and laying down in the middle of playing for no reason.  

Then she started to waddle around like her feet were hurting her. I was concerned and took her to my local vet. He told me that, after some examination and an x-ray, her extra toe on three of her feet had become ingrown. I don’t know if any of you have ever had an ingrown nail, but just a little ingrown hair hurts; imagine it on your foot, times three. I was completely shocked and horrified to learn this, because the rescue group we had gotten her from never said anything.

I contacted them about this, and in short they didn’t bother to check it out because her brother and sister were both polydactyls and were fine. I couldn’t believe this was their excuse; I knew that some rescues didn’t keep track of their rescues after they were adopted (that’s what happened with our previous adoptions) but ignoring their physical needs to save some money was ridiculous.

I contacted them, and unfortunately since the problems started showing physical signs after the adoption, there’s nothing they can do, and nothing I can make them. My veterinarian has estimated that each foot will cost around $150 to sedate Mica and remove the nail. Already that’s up to $450, then there will be more for pain and anti-infection meds, which I have found to be around $50 or $60 from previous experience. That’s $500 at least, on top the $80 for the general check-up plus the x-ray. I am completely opposed to de-clawing cats, but this is causing her pain everyday and will get infected if left untreated, which could kill her. She’s only 10 weeks old and far more delicate than an adult cat.

This cat is the world to me; I just lost my first cat that I bought myself and though it’s only been a two weeks since I got Mica, she has made a huge difference. Since she is my cat, I have to pay for her with little to no help from my parents. My bills for food, gas, and my prescription for migraines has whittled me down to hardly $200. I can’t start my new job until the second week of August because I will be out of town for two weeks before for personal reasons. Even if I do a payment plan, I am literally down to my last penny if I want to get this done while sustaining my self as well.

Please. I hate asking for money, I hate depending on people who have their own problems. But my family believes that once you’re 18, you’re an adult. I’m on my own with this, and the best I can do is give it my all and hope for some sympathy from you guys. I don’t want to give her up to that rescue group who neglected her, or give her to a humane society where nobody would want her because she has medical bills no one wants to pay. Every single penny counts, and it appreciated beyond measure.

Even if you cannot donate, please reblog to spread the word. I don’t want to lose my cat. I can’t take another loss like this. 


Hello there anon! c:

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