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Androromantic asexual.
Pro-choice feminist.
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Note that I never offer villagers for trade or buy villagers via any third-party sites (Villagertrade, ACNLAdopt, Bell Tree forums etc) and never accept bells for the villagers I give away. Any and all villagers moving out will be given away for free via this blog.

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Someone requested a card suit tile, but I didn’t wanna post it alone so I made some others;; They’re all very experimental.

Maybe you can use the bubbly one as the walls of a spaceship or alien room, and the island mural tile in a spa or something. I dunno. Go wild, my children, and let your creativity loose.

Please credit me if someone asks where you got your paths<3 Feel free to edit and customize these patterns as you wish!

EDIT: Please don’t share QRs of my designs;; It makes me very uncomfortable! If you really must, please ask firstcredit me and don’t just copy the original and post that - make it your own somehow, customize it, make it unique.